Forward Ho!

I'm finally making the change in my life so I can get out of my rut! It's kind of scary but also very exciting. I haven't found a job yet, but I found a place to live with some new roommates! I'm excited to meet them! They're a bit younger than me, but I think that will suit Bronn and I for now.

I've started packing, I downsized so much stuff!! I figured that since most of the stuff has been packed away in totes and I've barely used it, I can get rid of a lot. Now it's keepsakes pretty much, and dishes. I haven't found where my dishes are yet though. They're probably under the stairs. I don't need to go through that until I've made some space with other stuff. Today I packed up my books and started packing my DVDs. Not a whole lot left.

I've been telling people that I'm leaving and trying to get together with my friends before I go. Everyone is too busy. Life keeps showing me subtle reminders that I am leaving and I am only going to miss my family. There was the fire and the poor side of humanity that I saw from my fellow residents. Then I go to work and I can see how much they need me, and I have like a week and a half left and everyone is still asking me questions and I want to tell them they should troubleshoot between themselves now. Then, I tried to get a bunch of my girlfriends together but everyone is too busy. It's frustrating!!

So now I feel like I am making the right choice by moving closer to friends, and some family, and that's exciting!! Hopefully things go in the right direction and I can move forward with life!!

Funny Things People Have Said to Me Lately

A pastafarian came into the office, I actually think he was trying to convert me, he said they accept all kinds of people. They wear pasta strainers on their heads and every Friday is pasta and beer night. His shirt said "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I've been touched by his noodly appendage."

An elderly gentleman asked me how I was doing and I said not too bad. He said "Isn't it hard being a sex symbol? There's just so few of us now a days!"

On POF I was asked if I would date someone who is well endowed. I just laughed.

Online dating I try to give everyone a chance to talk to me, unless they say something gross, because I believe everyone should be treated fairly until I get to know them a bit. My biggest pet peeve is spelling and grammar though. Maybe I'm too well read. So this guy is talking to me, but when he explaining where something is and asking where something is he keeps typing "ware." Finally I said to him "I'm sorry but you have very bad spelling" and he replied with "lol why are you the spelling notzy?" That was the end for me!

I work in a small office with 5 of us and our manager. One of the girls is in another office helping and our auxiliary person isn't there for full days. There was three of us working and one girl was on lunch and an older woma came up to me while I was in the middle of a transaction and asked me if I could get some more people from the back to help with the line up. I wish I said I'm sorry we don't have any in stock.

My niece was telling my Mom that if she moved away from Grandpa she could have more kids. My mom said she already has kids. Then my niece said that she didn't want to have kids because they mess up your car!

Wild Horses

It was a crazy night when we went for a drive down the back roads in your flatbed truck. We were talking and laughing with the music cranked high. Who would have thought we'd get stuck in a foot of red muck that spring night! We were 100 miles from town, what would we do?

I could hear the train whistle as the rain started to pour down like bullets on the roof. But where else would I rather be than with you. Wild horses couldn't drag me away.

My Personal Commandments

Thou shalt show kindness to everyone without judgement until thou hast gotten to know them.

Thou shall read many books and share them with others.

Thou shall dance as often as possible, and sing along to the radio.

Thou shall work hard and put the best of yourself out there.

Thou shall write, and work towards making a novel.

Thou shall respect friends and send them lots of snail mail.

Thou shall love thy family.

Thou shall love thy pets.

Thou shall not want what thou cannot provide for thy self, and thou shall work towards what thou wants.

Thou shall take vitamins and greens to stay healthy.

Ships in the Night

It was a brief encounter, and everything was copacetic or so it seemed. The moments were perfect, and it seemed there could be more. A friendship, perhaps a lover.

It was fun, though not much was exchanged. A memory, some practice on putting one's self out there after being cooped up inside for a while. Something.

Turns out we were just ships in the night, passing by, blissfully avoiding a shipwreck.

Festival of All Things Art

Arrived last night in Barkerville to meet up with some friends I haven't spent much time with lately. They've rented out a bed and breakfast in Barkerville called The Kelly House. It is old fashioned, very authentic, as is all things in this old mining town. They only have bathtubs, no shower. No TV, sporadic wifi. It's pretty relaxing!

Last night we drove in an old motor home to Wells. We saw some pretty good acts! One called High Society and one called Brasstronauts. Did some dancing. Saw some wild costumes.

This morning the woman who runs the B&B came and made us breakfast. Crustless quiches, whole wheat pancakes and a fruit salad mixed with yogurt and granola. It was amazing and it went a long way!

Then we did our trek into Wells again. We got warmed up by doing some dancing with Grandpa Groove, then did some yoga in the park, followed by the Kids Songwriting Camp performances. They were quite good!! To think they wrote the music and lyrics at their ages is just amazing!! Some of the lyrics were quite profound too. A couple girls also made up a new genre. It was like country space disco theatre or something like that!

Then we went over to a different venue where a man was playing. He was a storyteller. It was funny and catchy too! I really enjoyed that one. It was in the sunset theatre.

Afterwards Paola and I went to get a cooler with beer. Then when we came back everyone was in the Jack O Clubs pub listening to some music. That's what the rest of the day was like.

There are food trucks and vendors down the street. There is a small alley where people are painting small murals. There are people wearing costumes, men wearing tight leggings and skirts, and topless women here and there.

So far it's pretty interesting and it's only really day one!! I'm beat!!

Packing for ArtsWells

Getting ready to go to an arts and music festival for 3 days…this is my packing list:

  • Pyjamas
  • 4 pairs of underwear
  • A good bra
  • Bathing suit (always pack one just in case)
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 1 pair long pants
  • 3 funky tops
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • A hat
  • Ponytail holder
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Face wash
  • A hoodie
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 set of walking sandals
  • 1 set walking shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Coffee mug
  • Phone charger
  • Journal
  • Ticket

That's my list!! Hope it all fits in my backpack!!

The Fear

Have you ever seen that episode of Friends when Rachel quits her job as a waitress because it was holding her back from her dream of working in fashion, and the guys said she needed to give herself "the fear?" I think that's what I am about to do.

I'm in need of a big change. I've done all I can do here, and while I have a good job, I know it's not going to get my anywhere. I feel like I am being stifled and not being recognized for my full potential. I've tried applying for transfers and higher positions, but it's been nothing but unsuccessful.

Not only do I need a better job (a full-time job), I also need to get out of this town. It's also not getting my any closer to any of my hopes or dreams. I want to get married and raise a family, but have had no luck in the dating world in this small town. I want to write a novel, but by the time I get home from work my brain is either emotionally spent or I am mentally exhausted. I've managed to keep up journaling and blogging this stuff, but I can't get any further than that. It's very frustrating.

So, I'm giving myself "the fear." I've written my resignation letter, picked a final date of August 25th and I'm going to pack up some necessities and head to Alberta!! I'll be staying with my bestie for a bit until I find a job (possibly buy a house, depending on how stable of a job I can find) and working towards my goals.

I've been applying for jobs, but haven't found anything yet. It's hard to do that from a distance!! At least I am trying. I also became a Jamberry Consultant. I'm not sure what it will provide for income, but it will open the door for me to meet new people and have beautiful nails at a decent price! One more thing I have done is signed myself up for National Novel Writing Month, which will hopefully help me get my bum in gear so I can actually write a novel!

Trying to make my dreams come true!!

On Alert, Not Order

It's been 17 days since we packed up what we thought was important and left our house for the city because of the wildfires surrounding our town. We were there for 5 nights before the whole town was ordered to evacuate. My Dad drove up here with us pulling the 5th Wheel and then went back the next morning because he was deemed an essential service. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and stress. Trying to work in different surroundings and not sleeping in my own bed. I'm exhausted.

Finally today the big guys decided to tone down the order to an alert. I've been trying to stay away from the Facebook chat groups because there is so much back and forth, and lots of rumours. It got tiring! It still sounds like things are touch and go, and even though we can go home, they want us to take our time coming back, plus we need to still be ready to leave again at a moments notice. It's still scary!!

What worried me today was that one of the girls was told when she went through a road block that she shouldn't leave her pet at home for any length of time because if we get told to leave we won't be able to go home to get them! That's terrifying!! I want to go home, but I don't. It's confusing!!

I have to say, though, that I am ready to move on with my life. I became a Jamberry (nail wrap, nail care) consultant so I'd like to do something with that business. I'm also ready to make my move to a new place, and the plans are in the works, they just need to be set in motion, and that can't be done from here!! So here's to hoping we can go home and be safe for a few weeks so I can get on with my life!!


Trying to hold on to some little piece of normal by going to work, however, nothing about this is normal! We've officially been out of our home for 14 days, with no definite return date in sight. Today I am feeling grumpy, tired and my body is aching for some reason. I've been sleeping in a bedroom on a mattress on the floor, but I am thankful to not be one of the people sleeping on a cot in the gym of the evacuation centre, or in a tent in a parking lot.

Our managers want us to be doing some sort of work, so I have been sitting at an information table at the evacuation centre for a 9-1 shift. I could sit here all day, but there isn't much to do. I also don't feel comfortable going into another office. I know it is a bit rough for them to be switching people's floats and everything. I just really want to go home!

On Friday I registered us with Red Cross. I'm not exactly sure what will happen with that. People have been getting $600 for relief funds. I'm not sure how long that will take or if I even did it right. I guess we will see what happens. I may have just registered us for information for future events.

I am bored. I am tired. I want to go home!