Beers on the deck.

Swimming at the lake.

The sound of law mowers and whipper snippers in the background of everything you do.

Sunsets late in the evening. Pink and purple hues in the sky.

Bbq’d everything.

Barefoot, spaghetti straps, sunscreen and bug spray smells. Sunglasses and hats.

Watering the plants. Weeding the garden.

Music in the park. Town festivals and rodeos. Frisbee.

Painted toe nails and flip flops. Outdoor pools and patios at restaurants. Big fat bumble bees.

What is your favorite part? 

Of Summer.


Count This

In ten minutes, Ella will be nine years old.  She is very excited about it.  She has invited eight of her school friends for a sleepover.  Her parents cleared the den and they have set up sleeping bags.  The pizza has been ordered.  She has it all planned out.

At seven-o-clock, they will begin watching movies.  She picked her movies out six days ago.  Her Mom said it would be okay if they watched something scary, but Ella caught a glimpse of a horror movie when she was 5 years old, and she still has nightmares.  She decided to go with some fun, girly movies.

Her 4-year-old brother is not allowed into the den while the girls are there.  He is noisy and he wants all the attention and she cannot deal with that tonight.  He has already tried to go into the den three times.  This makes Ella upset.

The two movies she has chosen are Hairspray and High School Musical.  Her friends are all very excited about the movies, they have never seen them before. They like musical movies and Zac Efron.  Ella has also picked out munchies and the girls are going to paint their nails and play truth-or-dare.

The doorbell is ringing, some of her friends are arriving!  It is going to be one special birthday!


Life is in a constant change.  Lately though, I have been feeling as though I am stuck in a rut.  Maybe it’s the weird weather we’ve been having (it’s July and it has been raining pretty much every day…where is summer?) or maybe I need a bigger change in my life…

My one constant goal has been to write a novel some day, but I am no where close.  I have ideas, quite a few actually, but I have never taken the time to sit down and write anything.  Then I get a writer’s block.  It’s the same thing over and over.  I’ve done this blog thing a few times.  Once for school, once just for the heck of it (but then that blog site closed) and I tried the WordPress 365 challenge, which was interesting.  I never stick with anything though, nothing ever really went anywhere.  So I decided that I am going to spend at least an hour each night writing.  With this blog I hope to get out some thoughts, feelings, breakthrough my rut, and to get those creative juices flowing again.

My other goal is to exercise more frequently.  I am lazy, no other way to put it.  I want to take my dog for a walk but then I end up sitting on my bum and doing something else, which is probably not good for either one of us.  My new idea is to make myself take him for a walk either as soon as I get home from work, or shortly after supper, every day.  Some days it would be better to wait until after I eat something because for whatever reason I’m starving now and then.  If I can stick to walking him every day that will be good for us both, and then maybe I can start throwing in some burpees and crunches some days.  Have to start somewhere.

Those are the two most important goals I want to focus on and make changes in my life so I can accomplish them.  I wish I could be a morning person so that I could do my walks when I wake up, but no matter how hard I try, I am just the kind of person who needs to sleep in as long as they possibly can.  Hopefully keeping this blog will help me reach these goals so that I can create some new and exciting ones.  My next one will be to travel to Europe, and I will probably take this blog on my journey.

So, if you plan to follow this blog, sit back, relax and enjoy some randomness!!