The Red Crayon

It was excitement that made her tiny hand release me from her tight little grasp. I fell to the floor with a dull, almost hollow, sounding thunk. I rolled towards the darkness under the couch, hoping for some relief. The tip of my head was hot from the friction of being rubbed against a piece of paper for so long. I felt myself getting shorter. You wouldn’t think it would take so much pressure to colour a couple of small balloons. I could hear the Mother telling the young girl something about iced cream, all the children were getting excited. Shadows passed me by with small thumps as everyone headed to the door to grab their coats and shoes. Finally, I can take a break and rest down here with the dust bunnies for a while.


Writer’s Block

It happens to the best writers. You have these thoughts and ideas that you want to share with the world. You sit down at your desk and open a new word document on your computer, you feed a fresh piece of paper into your type writer, you have your pencil sharpened and you’ve made sure your pens are full of ink. You’re ready…

But the cursor just sits there blinking at you, the type-writer keys remain un-clacked, there are more and more doodles appearing in the margins of your loose leaf paper. You have writer’s block.

You get up and walk around the room, straighten the books on your bookshelf, use the washroom and wash your hands and face. You sit back down and nothing has changed. You try texting your best friend, calling your Mom, and making yourself a snack before trying again. Still nothing seems to help. The words are there but for some reason your brain just does not want to send the correct messages to get them down on paper. You just don’t know where to start.

What can you do? Make a list of random things until an idea hits you, make a thought web with different ideas branching off all over the place, or ask others for help? Should you get a tape recorder and speak out your ideas then get them on paper later? There are so many options to fix the problem. You just have to take the time to allow it to pass.