She is barefoot. Her skin is a crisp white, her dress a pale blue made of lace with a satin cape hanging from her shoulders and her hair is a very light blonde. Her face is so striking it can barely be gazed upon for doing so could cause a blindness like no other. She walks in slow motion, her feet barely touching the muddy Earth she steps upon. Her hair and clothing is twirling around her as if she alone is caught in a gentle windstorm. She is aware of what is going on around her, but she makes no move to glance about because she has one purpose. 

There are some men who will survive to tell of this vision they saw, but not many will believe them. Most are caught up in the war surrounding them and raging inside them. Shots are being fired in every direction, trying to determine a winning side. They aren’t even sure what they are fighting for anymore.  

She walks with resoluteness. This is her job. She is headed for the barracks for the most recently fallen soldier. Others will come. It is her duty to guide him to the light from which she is made, to make his journey comfortable, and to show him he was a brave and good soldier. She will assure him that his widow will be taken care of, for they believed in God and served with His purpose. 

As she reaches this fallen soldier, he glances up at her. With his last breath he sees her face and he knows everything is going to be okay. He knows she has come for him and it is his time. She reaches for his hand and pulls his soul up out of his body and they begin their ascent into the light. She knows she has done right by Him, for she is Death and this is her job.


Thoughts from a Massage

Massages are becoming increasingly popular and are very beneficial to one’s health.  I get them frequently to help with circulation, loosening tight muscles, and even mental health. They are very relaxing. However during a massage my mind wanders…and here are some of the places it goes…

I wonder what other people think about when they are getting massaged. I’m supposed to be relaxing. How do I turn off my brain? 

This lady must not have problems with the dry, cracked hands during the winter time because of all this oil. It must suck if she needs to rub her eye or something, that would sting. I wonder if she ever has to use smells she hates. Why would you even stock that?

I wonder if she can hear the squeaky sound my toes are making on the sheet. That’s weird. I wonder if it’s the nail polish. Why are they squeaking? 

I hate the part where you have to turn over. It always takes away the relaxation because I don’t want to move. I fear flashing this woman. It’s probably happened before.

There was this one room I was getting my eyebrows waxed in, there was a broken part on the ceiling that looked like a penis. I wanted to point it out but then that would probably make it hard for that lady to work there. I wonder if anyone else noticed it…or is it just me.

I’ve never had my ears massaged before. I wonder how she feels about putting her fingers in someone’s ear. Imagine if she randomly decided give someone a wet willy! It would have to be one of her friends though, or that client would probably never return. She’s stretching my ear lobes…that better not be making them longer! Last thing I need is saggy ear lobes. It’s like she’s mailing a cow. I wonder if cow udders stretch after a while. Good thing they’re not vain.

When the massage is over and they tell you to take your time getting up, how much time is the right amount of time?  What if you just sat in there meditating or something? How long before they’d come to check on you? 

Well, that was relaxing. Until next time.

Weird Dreams

Just wondering if anyone out there has been having weird dreams lately. What causes them? Snacking before bed, pre-sleep reading material, indigestion? They haven’t made any sense and aren’t anything that would be close to real.

Last night somehow my current boss’ boss was visiting and we were in a school gym, the kind with the bleachers that can be pushed up against the wall, and we were riding horses through the bleachers. Then some really tall football player helped me down from the top bleacher. What?? That’s my thoughts exactly.

There’s also those weird dreams where your house is like a labyrinth because every turn you take you’re in a part of a different house that you lived in during your past. Imagine if you could take your favourite room from every home you lived in and make that into your perfect house?

Another thing that I wish I could have is something that writes my dreams down as I’m having them, because then maybe I could decipher where my thoughts are sometimes. Or perhaps maybe the dreams are there just to entertain me and keep my brain stimulated. It’s definitely been interesting lately, that’s for sure!

Sweet dreams!!

New World

I learned an important lesson in 2016. Or maybe a few of them. The one that is sticking out to me is that sometimes when you try to change something in your life and it doesn’t stick, it means that it’s not quite your time to make that change.

For the past couple of years I have been trying to make myself a better version of me. I have made New Years Resolutions….some I’ve kept and some I’ve broken.  I’ve been trying lots of new things and for the past couple of years I have done some daily things. I did a 365 day blog challenge, a daily colouring challenge and this year I am doing daily origami. Trying to grow as a person doing things to relax and expand my brain as well.

I’ve also been trying to workout more. In 2015 I was doing well walking my dog, but that becomes hard in the winter time as it is cold on his feet and I kind of get lazy just wanting to snuggle. In the beginning of 2016 I tried a lot of different 30 day challenges that never worked out. I bought workout equipment to try other workouts at home but I could just never get motivated. 

Then all of a sudden something happened… I am not sure if it was because other friends workout, if it had something to do with a potential relationship that turned into absolutely nothing, or just the fear of falling under the effects of the winter blues. I decided to get a gym pass. My goal was to go at least three days a week. I have been succeeding at this goal, with the exception of the one week I was fighting a cold. I hate working out, but I am actually enjoying going to the gym! It’s something about the atmosphere that helps me out, knowing everyone is there for the same purpose. I also enjoy being out of the house for that hour, as I don’t have much of a social life due to everyone’s busy schedules (something else I am trying to work on adjusting.)

This is how I know that if you are wanting to make a change, but for some reason it’s just not sticking, keep trying!! Try different approaches to make the change work best for you! Eventually one day it will click and you will succeed!


I am having a bit of trouble deciding what to write about, so I am doing a gratitude post to talk about a holiday that I am grateful for. What better holiday to be thankful for than Thanksgiving!!

I love Thanksgiving! I feel like it falls at the perfect time of year. It’s not super hot outside, and often it’s not super cold either. It’s at the beginning of autumn which is my favourite season. The colours are beautiful. There is always family.

There is also something about having a relaxing Sunday (because that’s when we usually do it) with the smell of a turkey roasting in the oven and family sitting around chatting. There are often good movies to be watched on television as well. I just find it comforting.

I also like to make my sausage stuffing and help with other food preparations. Plus there’s the eating part, nobody hates that!! I also like pumpkin pie for dessert, which is often made from real pumpkin at this time of the year.  So yummy!!

We don’t really have traditions for this holiday, aside from getting together to eat and be merry, but someday when I have children of my own I would like to start some. Different traditions for different holidays. That time with come!