Lincoln’s Secret

Abe Lincoln had a passion for mime artistry. It was a secret he kept very well. Sometimes he would go away for the weekend, book a room under a secret alias he created called “Alistar McRane” and practice his mine acts. The only reason he didn’t make a career out of his secret hobby is because without his beard he looked like a child and no one would take him seriously, but he also could not wear white make up all the time. 

His favourite of the mime acts was the one where he was in a box. He could create quite a panicked character when he was pretending he was trapped. He compared it to how he sometimes felt with politics, and he also imagined that’s how the African Americans felt in their slavery. In fact it was during one of his secret mime practice sessions that he came up with the plan to abolish slavery. 

Abe used this hobby for an outlet, and in fact when he was silent he was able to think more clearly. He was the one who came up with the “shark bit” that people sometimes do in a window…the act where they pretend that a shark has attacked them and they are being dragged back and forth. He first came up with it while practicing in a mirror. He cracked himself up!

Yes, Abe Lincoln was a closet mime. Until one day his wife came across his stash of white face paint. He was busted, causing him to give up how secret hobby and focus solely on politics to become the man he is more commonly remembered as.

…just kidding!


The first sentence 

To say that I am precise is an understatement. In fact sometimes you could say I have an obsessive compulsive disorder. I like things just so. I try to keep my book collection organized by size, my clothes hanging in the closet must all face the same way, and I despise clutter. My movies are in alphabetical order, my socks are kept separate from my underwear, and my cords are all labelled to what they are attached to.

Sometimes when I leave the house I have to check all the lights twice to make sure they are all turned off. I keep my shoes and boots all lined up in order for ease of wear. I have a super strict cleaning schedule, certain daily chores, weekly chores and monthly chores, and I keep a log to make sure they are done on time and correctly.

Actually, none of this is entirely true. I enjoy organizing, but I personally don’t have enough time to be that exact in the order of things. It would probably be nice to be that precise, but I just am not. Everything gets cluttered and on the weeken I try to sort it all out before a new week. That’s about it!

Being Single

I’m single and for once in my life I am loving it! That’s not to say that I want to stay single for ever. I’d love to have a husband, some children, raise them together under a roof in a house we’d made a home together. Right now I’m not even sure if that is going to happen for me…time will tell.

Lately I have been searching myself, learning to get to know who I am inside and what I enjoy. I’m trying to figure out things I don’t like too. What do I need? Where should I go? I’m trying new things, going places alone, I can handle this.

In the past I hated being single. All I wanted was to find that one and only, have my family and just be tied down. It was stupid! It doesn’t happen to you when you’re searching for it and you’re desperate for it. I might have misused some of my best years pining for the wrong guys, making some dumb decisions, flying around totally unfocused. How silly hey?

I suppose getting a dog did help, but really only for anxiety and depression that I’ve had…not necessarily for companionship but it does help. One thing he does for me is get me out more. We’ve made some dog park friends, we go for walks and get fresh air which is great for mental health issues, and he make me laugh. Such a big personality, my Bronn.

Another thing that helps is having great encouraging friends and family. Everyone else is in a relationship, most people that is, but that doesn’t bother me the way that it used to in the past either. I’ve made some goals for myself that I want and my best friends remind me to keep following them. It’s fantastic!

Being single can be hard, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. It takes time to be okay with yourself, and some people sure find their match right away which can make an individual feel like they are defective…but that is not the case at all! Some of us are meant to be in that partnership right away for the benefit of both parties, and some of us are meant to stay solo longer because the relationship mentality holds us back from something we’re supposed to do later on. It’s all about perspective and staying positive. Love yourself!


I read a lot. The prompt I just chose is to write about the last great book I read. It’s hard to choose which one I liked the best! So, I’ll just talk about a series I am crazy about!

I love the Lunar Chronicles!!  If you haven’t read it, and you like those young adult type books, I recommend this series!!  I’ve read the first three. I tend not to read these books consecutively because I have a book club and other challenges that I do…but it is easy to pick up where I left off and I miss the characters!

It is a different, futuristic take one some of our fairytale heroines. It starts with Cinder who is an orphaned cyborg girl who was taken in by a man who passed away and she is continued to be raised by her rotten Step Mother. Her step sisters are not as bad as in the original fairytales though. She meets a prince, gets in trouble, and ends up on a journey with a convict.

Then in the second book we meet Scarlet, who is searching for her missing Grandmother. She meets Wolf and he joins her on the journey. They end up with Cinder, who has met Cress who becomes the main character of book three. Cress is locked away in a satellite that is orbiting Earth. There is also Winter who makes me think of Snow White in a crazy way.

It is very entertaining and hard to put down! I love these books. I have only read the first three, and can’t wait to get to the next one!


The sports cast is being done on the television…nothing that I personally follow. 

Dad is coming up with a retirement business. Did you know the recycled refrigerators at the dump mostly still have bulbs in them that work? He was thinking he could collect them, paint them white and call the frosted, and market them as frosted refrigerator bulbs…”not so bright when you’re sneaking a meal at night”

Bronn is sleeping up against my leg. I love my dog! His ears are so soft. I love how his nose is white, with little light brown freckles on it, with a black wet end. It twitches a lot when he sleeps. I think he dreams as often and as crazy as I do!

Last night I had a dream. It was windy outside in real life and that crept into my sleep. We were all in a truck, just a bunch of people, I’m not even sure who was really there. My Dad was driving and we went under a bridge and then it was so windy it came into the vehicle and everyone’s eyes were watering too much to keep going. How does that make sense?

My hair is wet from being washed! I don’t like how it gets the collar of my shirt wet, but I know it will dry soon.

There is no music playing, the TV is on, I have an extra light on because I just finished my origami, and the dogs are snuggled in. I think currently it is a nice relaxing night to rest and prepare for Friday!


when I was A little girl

Somebody told me something 

tHat stayed with me 

it was about Love

they said therE is someone for everyone

Yours will come.

Staying Motivated 

It can be hard to keep motivated when trying to reach goals and dreams. This past year I have been wanting to change and become a better, healthier version of myself. It’s definitely hard to change habits and start new things!!

I tried to do a bullet journal last year but I was going about it the wrong way. I pretty much just wrote each day in bullet points…which got very boring really quickly!! This year I decided to try some Pinterest posts to change the way I was journalling. 

I’ve kept a journal for years but would sometimes go for months without writing anything!! I’m trying a habit tracker each month for this year. It is helping with remembering to do certain things daily, but then there were some things I was tracking that I do every day (like reading a book) so I had to change those things up. I think as each routine becomes a habit I will change things I want to track monthly.

There are quite a few things that I want to change about myself to become a better version of me. I’m trying to eat healthier, get up early, exercise more, and write more! My big dream is to write a novel or two some day. I know that working out and eating better isn’t going to help with the novel, but it is helpful to have more energy and help to focus on writing. I think anyways. I guess we’ll see!

Anyways, I created the journal page that you see here to help myself stay motivated. I can flip back to it and see these quotes and perk myself up a bit! That’s the plan anyways!

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow is another day. One more day farther away from the day I found out that I didn’t get the job I’ve been working at for 2 1/2 years. One more day away from the day I found out that I got passed over for someone who has only been doing the job for 6 months. One day closer to feeling okay about it.

Tomorrow is another day. One day closer to some things I am looking forward to. One day closer to the Big Night Out where I get to wear a beautiful unique dress and glam myself up. One day closer to a long weekend where I have one extra day off work. One day closer to my European holiday! One more day away from that dreadfully disappointing day. 

Tomorrow is another day. Anything can happen!