When It Snows

Some think this is a myth, but the reason it snows is because the Gods are having an ice carving contest. During our winter, it gets cold enough in Olympus for them to have huge chunks of ice. It’s been a tradition for hundreds of years for them to have an ice sculpture contest, and the winner gets domain over the universe for that one year. This can determine many things.

For instance, if Apollo wins, we get a year of great music, movies and art. If Aphrodite wins there will be lots of engagements, weddings and babies. If Ares wins, we’re likely to focus more on wars and terrorism. Zeus and Hera work together, and they are usually the winners. They are the King and Queen of the Gods, and they try to keep things pretty level in all areas.

Hades has never won. Someone may be working to sabotage him, because of he does win the underworld will rise and the humans will likely parish. Poseidon never participates, he doesn’t like frozen water.

They all gather from October to February for the big event. Sometimes they are all working on their carvings for a long time and we get so much snow down below that we’re all in a panic. Sometimes only one of them is working on their carving and there is less. It usually takes four months before they are finished and the judging begins.

Sometimes someone becomes a poor sport though and hacks up everyone’s ice sculptures after they loose, I won’t name names, but that is why it sometimes snows later in the year. Sometimes one of them gets an idea midway through the year and wants to try something for the upcoming season. You just never know what the Gods are feeling, all I know is that when it snows, one of them is working on an ice carving.


Random Things I Love

  • Listening to sports commentators, they get so expressive!
  • Thunderstorms
  • The way my hair feels the first time I wash it after a haircut
  • Clean sheets
  • The fact that my dog grabs a toy every night when we go to bed
  • That we have Facebook now and can share photos of our lives at a distance because we can’t see our best friends every day like we did in the past.
  • Food I get to eat while travelling
  • Reading….a lot
  • Those funny shows that make you laugh, my example is “Trial and Error” – I love that constant, random, silly comedy!
  • Going to garage sales and looking at other people’s unwanted stuff
  • Wearing slippers when it’s cold
  • Putting my toes into cool water, at the lake, a creek, or the pool
  • Bubble baths and face masks
  • Snuggles with my dog in the morning
  • Massages
  • Afternoon naps
  • Helping people 
  • Making CD mixes for my friends
  • A good laugh!

Preserved and Changed 

The photos attached to this post are a decade apart. One was my profile picture when I created my Facebook account in August of 2007, the other one is was taken in May of 2017. Not much of a change in looks between the two of them. Subtle things like hair colour difference.

What the photos don’t tell you are how many things have happened between then and now. The journey I’ve gone on. Things I’ve learned about myself, what I’ve found out i needed to let go of to get ahead in life. You can’t see the changes in anxiety or depression levels. 

It’s funny when you look back at old photos and you think of how much has changed, and how much is still the same. Back then I used to want to get married and have kids, maybe because that is what a lot of people were doing, or I just felt lonely. I still want those things, but I no longer fear it won’t happen. I managed to get myself to Europe, and actually get a certificate at university to get myself a good job instead of quitting!! I’ve overcome quite a few things! I enjoy being single, though I don’t want to be forever. I’ve tried a lot of things I never thought I would, and I am willing to try more and conquer fears I just pushed aside back then!

Some of us don’t look like we’ve aged, a lot of us are preserving better. The changes don’t look obvious, but at the same time some of us have a couple of kids now that we never had, or a husband, a house or a pet! Yet, we still write each other letters and send packages by snail mail instead of texting all the time! 

I’m glad that my friends and I have changed a lot, and I good ways! That we’ve learned to let go of what holds us back and people who bring us down. That we are going to raise a new generation of kids who will be playing outside again, in our safe and clean backyards, so that they can undo what the generation before them did. That somehow, we’ve gone back to some of the old ways and can still cope with the new ways, and we will pass that on to our children.

That we have the ability to change what’s bad and also to preserve the things that are good.


Red sky at night, sailors delight…red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. I suppose this one tends to ring true. I’m also not sure if it is a superstition or an old folk tale, because it rhymes.

Spilling the salt is bad luck, but if you take some of the spilled salt and toss it over your left shoulder it will bring good luck. Sometimes I do that, mostly I try to be careful and not waste a grain of salt!

When someone says something like “that’s not going to happen to me” then they knock on wood so that it doesn’t, but often there is no actual wood nearby just laminate so they knock on their head or the table in the hopes it will still work. I think that defeats the purpose. It came about because trees and wood often had good spirits, but now a days it’s not so common to actually use wood because it has become more expensive, I think, so we use more plastic type stuff.  

Hold your breath when going past a cemetery to respect the dead. That’s hard, some cemeteries are huge! I think maybe keeping their grave sites clean and thinking of them often is a good enough way to respect them.

Here’s one I found interesting…if bubbles collect at the centre of your coffee cup expect fair weather, if they collect around the rim expect rain, and if they have no fixed position weather will be changeable. Guess who will be watching their coffee cup now!

If a black cat crosses your path, you must get it to look at you or you’ll have bad luck! If you can’t sleep at night it’s because you are awake in some else’s dream. If your see a ghost in your dreams it’s because one is watching you sleep. How spooky and where do these things come from?

Have you heard any of these? Are there any that you find yourself doing or believing in?

More Days Like This…

Sun shining, warming up my skin

Green grass, fresh air

Dogs running around the yard enjoying their freedom

Chasing bugs, tails wagging, tongues lolling from their mouths

Random music playing over the speakers

Flip-flops, painted toenails, the sounds of children playing

An ice cold beer, a cool drink of water

Laughter, love, friendship, and family.

Holding Back..

What has held me back from moving out of my parents house this time? A couple of things…

I’ve come and gone from the home of my parents, where I have felt safety and a welcoming atmosphere. I’m finally getting to a place financially where I think if I did leave I would be able to sustain myself and not have to come running back due to poor financial management. My student loans and car are fully paid off. I am still paying for the splurge of my Europe trip, but that’s not a huge downfall. I’ve also finally got some savings put aside in the form of a Canada Savings Bond and a Tax Free savings account. I’m doing pretty good in that department.

Another thing is this town. My logic is that if I am single and living in the same town as them, it’s kind of silly for me to move out. Unless I actually buy a house, there’s no reason for me to be out there renting. Especially since it wouldn’t make sense for Bronn to chill out in an apartment alone during the day so I’d be dropping him off with Luigi to hang out every day anyways. I’d also be visiting a lot, probably daily, so why be renting alone when I can rent from them and hel them with some of their finances.

The biggest thing holding me back, though, is probably fear. I get quite ancxious thinking about living so far away from my family. It’s probably because the other times I have tried, I always came back. I’m getting to a point now where I feel I am ready to spread my wings. My history won’t repeat itself because my circumstances are different. I have a great job, so when I do move it will be for a good transfer. I’m also not going to be moving out with a boyfriend. I’m single right now, and I have done some things recently which have helped me to grow as an individual.

Time to stop letting silly things hold me back!

Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number

It’s weird. 

I’m not even sure how to describe it or where I am going with this thought. As a child, you know only your age. You are a child, you get seated at the kids table until you’re like 12, then you move to a different table which is mixed and you have no idea what is going on. You know you want to have the benefits of being an adult with the benefits of being a kid. This goes on for years. Probably until you head to college…or get a full-time job because not everyone has the same experience of adulthood.

Okay, so then…there is years where you still get to act like what is described as a teen…but also an adult. You get stuck and your parents help you. 

But then, all of a sudden, you are an adult. You’ve lived alone, you got married, you have children. You’re in one of these groups. 

Something happens. I feel, from personal experiences, that this happens probably between 22-32. You may be in one of these groups, but all of a sudden you may be at a different “age” than other people that fall into that group. 

Example, I have a friend who is in her early 30’s and a cousin in her late 20’s and they are both on their second pregnancy. Imagine if they were in the same town…their kids could be in the same class so would their age matter. They could be phone tree buddies!!

I went on a trip recently and our ages ranged from 19-34. We had a blast, we all got along!!

Well, I’m just saying…you get to a point where age doesn’t matter.

Pineapples, yuck!

I know, I know, they’re super good for you. They help with hydration, weight loss, energy, immunity, blood circulation, and eye health. They are a great source of b-vitamins. They’re a damn super fruit! They’re nice to look at too. They are my LEAST favourite. In fact, I dislike the pineapple.

I think I find them too sweet. It’s like a sickly sweet. I am also not very fond of the texture. They make a funny sound when I’m chewing them. Bleh!

It’s strange because I can eat them on pizza, and sometimes I can tolerate pineapple juice if it is mixed into something…but I personally avoid them at all costs. 

I also don’t like touching the unpeeled fruit. It is sharp! I didn’t like it when I worked as a cashier and one came through the till. I’ve gotten little pineapple slivers! That fruit is rude!

Another thing I don’t like is cilantro. It’s a herb. It kind of smells salty to me, like how salt water can smell. I don’t know if that makes any sense. I can always taste it when it is in food, and as a cashier I could always smell it coming through my till. It’s very strange, but I’ve heard some people don’t mind it and some people can’t stand it. It’s one extreme to the next.

Is there any food you really can’t handle?

I Voted!

I don’t know what it is for me, but I get a thrill every time I get to vote. I’m not sure if it is because I’m a woman and it took a lot of fighting for our right to vote, if it is because it’s something only adults can do, or if it just makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger. It gives me a little thrill.

I personally don’t understand why people don’t exercise their right to vote. It doesn’t take very long, and I feel like there is a choice for everyone. It’s fun too, you just go in and put a check mark and then put it into a box. It doesn’t take very long. It’s a right too…and people usually like to make a big deal about their rights. 

Also, sometimes you get a cool sticker!! I forgot to get one yesterday though so I have nothing to put into my journal but I note.


Rolling clouds, lightning flashes and thunder strikes. The power flickers, the wind rushes around bending trees and making it harder for the tiny hummingbird to reach the feeder. When he finally gets there he perches for a second huffing and puffing and then he takes a long drink.

The sky grows dark. The animals are starting to act funny and then flies are going crazy in the windowsill. A storm is coming.

You feel excited and maybe a bit nervous. Everyone is securing their possessions for a wild storm. You can smell the electricity in the air. The hair on your arms stands up. 

Finally the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls. The clouds open and pour until the water is running down the street. You are watching out the window mesmerized at what Mother Nature can do when she puts her mind to it. It is exciting and beautiful all at once.

Then as fast as it came, it stops. The clouds clear and the sun peeks from behind, shining down and creating a peaceful rainbow.