Prompts and Challenges 

Sometimes it is so hard to think about something that you want to write about! I’ve been randomly using prompts from Pinterest, things from my day and life, or things I’ve chatted about with friends. I wanted to do this blog to get myself just writing more. I also have the books “642 Things to Write About” and “642 Tiny Things to Write About”. I was keeping the tiny one in my purse but now I’m training someone at work so we take our breaks together, I can’t concentrate on it. I hope to get some entries done this summer while camping with no cell phone service.

I feel like I am reaching a goal, since I have done quite a few blog posts this year alone. Now I need to make that goal bigger. A post a day, some form of writing each day, eventually a novel. One thing I was thinking of doing is to start the 30 day challenges, and do them as a blog post. Or even the journaling ones, and have a journal entry a day. I love writing, and I can be pretty good at it I think.

If anyone out there has ideas for prompts, ideas for posts, or has seen any good writing challenges, send them my way!! I’m doing fantastic with the reading challenges I do though. So that’s good!



Imagine being a bird. Just flying around making nests, laying eggs to hatch new birds, squawking at one another for communication. Being able to go to the top of the trees, or mountains. Gliding around through the air, just free. To be the majestic eagle, a sly hawk, part of a murder of crows, or even being an annoying pigeon. Anything to be able to take off right now, let the water roll off my wings and the stress breeze past me. Free. Just to be free would be nice.

5KM Foam Fest 2017

On June 16th my Mom, her coworkers Kandee, my Aunty Tammy and I piled into my Mom’s truck and headed for Sunpeaks. It was a nice evening and the construction traffic wasn’t too bad. We stopped in 100 Mile House to pick up Nicole and get some snacks from 7/11. Then away we went, laughing all the way ha ha ha!

We got to Sunpeaks at about 8pm and pulled into the underground parking lot, and Judy was right behind us! We parked, unloaded, headed to our condo, chose our beds and started our appy feast. We also had some drinks and struggled to figure out the stereo system. We never did figure out how to use the surround sound speakers and couldn’t get a USB to work. Thankfully we had CDs in Mom’s truck! That night we played a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity where new words were learned… should I share them on here? Well, yes, we learned about Smegma, shart and queef. Oh that game, it’s a blast!

Nicole and I stayed up the latest, being that we were the youngest. I read my book before bed too.

The next morning we got up pretty early, I’d say around 8:30am. I felt good but my stomach was upset. I started to cook breakfast and they had hose dumb stainless steel pans that everything sticks to. I really do not understand those things!! But we got breakfast made and it was delicious. We had breakfast sandwiches. 

Mom forgot to pack the cream and milk we bought so we were drinking this black coffee with stevia tablets and I had found some vanilla flavouring. Nicole came in and was asking if there was milk and we were telling her about the stevia and flavouring, then she said “I think I’ll just use coffee mate.” All of a sudden a couple of us jumped up to go get the coffee mate that we completely missed. It was hilarious!!

I had a nap after breakfast. When I got up my stomach was upset. We got our fun outfits on and headed into the village. There was lots going on! We got ourselves registered and then stood in the line to wait for our run to begin. When we got let into the foam enterance we were at the front of the line so we stood 6 across. It was kind of overwhelming because then we had to run to avoid getting trampled. Last year we were more in the middle.

Running up the hill was not good on my tummy!! It took a while for the nausea to subside. It was okay though, I took it slow. We all did. It’s not a race, it’s a fun run!!

The obstacles seemed to be farther apart at the beginning this year, and then they were closer together at the end. I suppose that is just the way they need to lay it out being that it is on a ski hill. There was a couple different ones this year too, I guess due to different sponsors. Also the snow had melted more so the mud ponds weren’t as deep or as long across than last year. The air was warmer too. 

All was going smoothly and we did a nice pace. Then we got to the super steep slide and there was a huge line up!! It took us at least half an hour to get to the slide, and then a minute to get down. Last year we just went up to it and did it and kept going. Not exactly sure what happened there. Must have been some kind of malfunction. 

It took us way longer to do the course this time and I feel like it was due to the delays. It also seemed like they had less photographers this time. There was no after party and no music in the streets. There was a farmers market happening on Sunday morning though, and live music then. 

It was blast over all though and we will most likely be doing it next year!!

Eurotrip Memories

Here are just a few things that have randomly popped into my head about my trip that I feel like I forgot to share while doing my blog posts:

One thing I forgot to mention is the Contiki basement. It was where we had our first meeting. It was kind of a rec room, reminded me of something like the Boys and Girls Club where teens can go to stay out of trouble. There was lots of seating, books to borrow to read on the bus and even a pool table. It was a great atmosphere to meet everyone, very welcoming.

In St. Goar after our wine tasting we hung out in the pub of the quaint little hotel. There was this photo there of a past Contiki tour that somehow did like 400 shots or something and we were all trying to figure out how that was possible as it would have been like at least 20 shots each or something. We never did figure it out, and we weren’t interested in trying.

When we were in Hopfgarten, Austria, we were just touring around and we went into a Catholic Church. There were only a few people sitting at the front but we had an nice little moment of silence for an Easter Prayer or some reflection on where we were. It was so beautiful, the paintings and the displays they had. Even the confessional booths were painted nicely. It felt neat to be doing our Good Friday church thing…even though there was no mass. 

Austria was also great because we met Contiki extended family, and got to see what some of the crazier Contiki people are like! It was more of us getting to know each other that night than to explore the town. The weather wasn’t nice there, and it was a small place, so it was nice to just play games with each other and have some drinks. A bunch of us girls got into dancing too!! That was the night I went around and got everyone’s full names and a fun fact about each of them! We also made our “Sound of Music” hill twirling videos that day!

It’s funny how when you go on a trip now, there are always guys out on the streets trying to peddal souveniers. It seems like they are always the same type of guy too…pushy and giving off almost sleezy vibes. If you didn’t know who they were you could get hussled pretty bad. There were guys in all those places who would walk up and tie a bracelet on someone then ask for payment!! Rude!!

Next time I go on a big trip I will take echinacea with me, and vitamin C tablets, and my ItWorks greens now that I have them. I’ve looked at other people’s photos and I missed out on a few things, like the cruise on Lake Lucern in Switzerland. I was too sick to go enjoy it. Plus, visiting Anne would have been a lot better and a lot longer of a visit. I think I will plan to go back to Paris just to visit her, and then go to London for a bit to tour there because I barely saw anything there.

Those are just some things I was randomly thinking about from my trip, and had to get it captured somewhere!!

Agility Class

Bronn and I have been going to an agility class every Tuesday for the past six weeks. We got rained out one of the nights so we have one more class to make up for that.

Agility for dogs is like an obstacle course with jumps, a teeter totter, a hanging breakaway tire (one that breaks apart if they don’t jump correctly), weave poles, and a tunnel. 

When we first started Bronn was distracted by the other dogs at the beginning of every class. The other two dogs are quite a bit younger than him too, so they wanted to see each other for a bit because they are still learning to socialize. Now they still have to say “hi” but they will get right into their course within 2’or three sniffs and licks.

Bronn is a Velcro dog. He sticks by me a lot. When we go on hikes he even runs ahead for some sniffs, and then runs right back to make sure I’m still coming. It makes it hard to do tricks and things with him though because he won’t stay, he thinks he should just be with me at all times. He stays at home and in the car when he’s asked, but when he can follow me, he will.

We’re working on it. It’s something we need to continue to work on though. Trying to figure out how it’s okay for me to leave him, and him realize that I will be coming back. We’ll keep at it.

Anyways, it’s pretty awesome. Bronn and I can run though course, he will go through everything, jump over the poles without knocking anything over, and he doesn’t get distracted. It’s so much fun!! I’m a proud dog Mom!!

The Next 10 Songs

My MP3 player is on random:

Too Hot – Alanis Morisette

Who am I Living For? – Katy Perry

(Just Like) Starting Over – John Lennon

Summerboy – Lady Gaga

Run, Run, Run – Phoenix

Jumpstart – These Kids Wear Crowns

Release – Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake

Low – Flo Rida

Chances Are – Garrett Hedlund

Right to Be Wrong – Joss Stone

Social Media/Anxiety

I was looking at prompts to get into the writing zone and I came across one that was “5 problems with social media.” I can think of a few, but decided to stick with what I’ve been struggling with tonight. I think I’ve had Facebook since 2007, even though I took a break for a while a few times. Before that there was Nexopia. That one was kind of neat. It was like we had these basic little sites, we had MSN messenger and chat rooms, then Facebook came and took over. That seems to be one of our biggest lines of communication now.

I took breaks from it mostly to anxiety. If you liked someone and they didn’t feel the same but you were amicable it made it a heck of a lot harder to get over them. Back in the day you would go about your life and maybe see them at school but nothing was necessarily rubbed in your face. On Facebook they could be posting pictures of themselves kissing someone else. You could unfriend them, but then are you strong enough to stop creeping on them? I don’t know why but that temptation is there!! I guess for me I needed to grow up so I deactivated my Facebook for a while back then.

I also had this issue about when you message someone and you see they read it but they don’t reply. It drove me crazy!! I’m getting better with this. There is no one I message that wouldn’t reply as soon as they are able. For texting, I keep my phone on silent. I know it’s not ideal if someone wants to call me, but most leave a message. Then I call them right back…but if I happen to see my phone light up I can answer it, which is usually what happens. I don’t know what it is, but if I know there is a text tone coming I will wait for it and if it takes too long I start to get nervous! I also find having my phone on silent makes me look at it less when I am doing other things. I went to trivia night last week and I was totally fine not touching my phone while that was on…so many people can’t go without it!

The other thing that drives me crazy is how everyone has their phones on them all the time. You go for dinner with your friends and they are checking their phones! I get parents checking to see if their babysitter has texted or something like every 1/2 hour, or someone showing me pictures, but to just be texting people who aren’t there…how rude!! I was glad when on my trip we had our phones for photos but most of us didn’t have data or phone plans so we wouldn’t be texting. We got to know each other!

There are good things about social media too though, like keeping in touch with old friends and far away family members. Sharing our creativity, I love that!! I have made some friends through friends lately because I’ve been posting my daily origami, and they do fitness and meal plans, a girl from high school shares pictures of the cakes she bakes, everyone posts pictures when they do painting nights. That is awesome!! My Facebook feed has become a lot more positive in the past year with the weeding of the negativity and making better choices!!


  • Alarm goes off at 7:30am, Bronn gets excited to get up and doesn’t let me hit snooze
  • Lay in bed for a bit snuggling with Bronn
  • Get up and go sit in the chair with a cup of coffee
  • Check Facebook and other notifications on the phone
  • Get dressed
  • Make my lunch (two drumsticks, a handful of Cheetos, a granola bar, a couple pieces of cookie bar, and an orange) then mix my ItWorks greens
  • Do my hair and make-up
  • Eat breakfast (special K Vanilla Almond cereal)
  • Drive to work, start at 9:15am
  • Help customers, a huge line up starts while a co-worker is on break and some woman comes and asks me if I can go get more people from the back to help with the line-up
  • Take first break at 11:00am and eat my granola bar and finish the greens I’ve been working on all morning, message Tracy about work
  • Back to work after 15 minutes, check office phone messages before helping more customers, not as busy but still very steady
  • Have lunch at 1:25pm, eat everything but the orange
  • Back to work at 1:55pm and check office phone messages before helping more customers, I feel like I am the only one who checks the messages
  • Last break at 3:20pm, this is when I eat my orange and I get a random message from one of my Contiki family with a funny picture and story about her dog…we love our dogs!!
  • Back to work and check the messages again…then deal with some customers and begin closing
  • Check the mail and then process what came in the mail even though it’s not my duty right now
  • Cash out for the day, accidentally rang a cheque in as a debit but found it right away
  • Done work at 4:45pm
  • Swing Mom through the RBC bank drive thru to get money and then past the mailbox, I got more greens
  • Start cutting up veggies for the stir-fry and then decide I want to make sweet and sour sauce for it, use Grandma’s Wok and Mom made the rice, Dad cut up the chicken, team work!
  • Do dishes
  • Work on making some playlists to make some CDs for some friends
  • Do daily origami and post it on Facebook
  • Do quick journal tracking and daily journal entry for the 365 days for 5 years journal
  • Have a shower
  • Get the girls set up in my room watching TMNT on Netflix
  • Take out my bedroom garbage and drop off some books at Grandma’s for Uncle Warren
  • Watch an episode of Lucifer
  • Do this blog post
  • Brush and floss teeth
  • Ready book for a while
  • Go to bed


I love all kind of music, especially once a with great lyrics that you can relate to! I love making happy CDs for my friends. Ones that have upbeat music and lyrics that you can live by. Here are some happy songs:

Happy Day – Uncanny Alliance

The Best Day of My Life – American Authors

The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Break Free – Ariana Grande

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out – Cat Stevens

Pumpin Blood – Nonono

Send Me On My Way – Rusted Roots

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

Happy – Pharrell

Hair – Lady Gaga

Mr Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra 

Float On – Modest Mouse

I Got A Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Good Feeling – Flo Rida 

Firework – Katy Perry

Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

This Is Your Night – Amber

Top Of The World – Carpenters 

Ready To Go – Republica

Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine

Get Rhythm – Johnny Cash (or Joaquin Phoenix from the movie Walk The Line)

Hold Your Head Up – Argent

C’Mon Get Happy – The Partridge Family

Those are just a few of the upbeat happy tunes I love!!!