Social Media/Anxiety

I was looking at prompts to get into the writing zone and I came across one that was “5 problems with social media.” I can think of a few, but decided to stick with what I’ve been struggling with tonight. I think I’ve had Facebook since 2007, even though I took a break for a while a few times. Before that there was Nexopia. That one was kind of neat. It was like we had these basic little sites, we had MSN messenger and chat rooms, then Facebook came and took over. That seems to be one of our biggest lines of communication now.

I took breaks from it mostly to anxiety. If you liked someone and they didn’t feel the same but you were amicable it made it a heck of a lot harder to get over them. Back in the day you would go about your life and maybe see them at school but nothing was necessarily rubbed in your face. On Facebook they could be posting pictures of themselves kissing someone else. You could unfriend them, but then are you strong enough to stop creeping on them? I don’t know why but that temptation is there!! I guess for me I needed to grow up so I deactivated my Facebook for a while back then.

I also had this issue about when you message someone and you see they read it but they don’t reply. It drove me crazy!! I’m getting better with this. There is no one I message that wouldn’t reply as soon as they are able. For texting, I keep my phone on silent. I know it’s not ideal if someone wants to call me, but most leave a message. Then I call them right back…but if I happen to see my phone light up I can answer it, which is usually what happens. I don’t know what it is, but if I know there is a text tone coming I will wait for it and if it takes too long I start to get nervous! I also find having my phone on silent makes me look at it less when I am doing other things. I went to trivia night last week and I was totally fine not touching my phone while that was on…so many people can’t go without it!

The other thing that drives me crazy is how everyone has their phones on them all the time. You go for dinner with your friends and they are checking their phones! I get parents checking to see if their babysitter has texted or something like every 1/2 hour, or someone showing me pictures, but to just be texting people who aren’t there…how rude!! I was glad when on my trip we had our phones for photos but most of us didn’t have data or phone plans so we wouldn’t be texting. We got to know each other!

There are good things about social media too though, like keeping in touch with old friends and far away family members. Sharing our creativity, I love that!! I have made some friends through friends lately because I’ve been posting my daily origami, and they do fitness and meal plans, a girl from high school shares pictures of the cakes she bakes, everyone posts pictures when they do painting nights. That is awesome!! My Facebook feed has become a lot more positive in the past year with the weeding of the negativity and making better choices!!


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