Agility Class

Bronn and I have been going to an agility class every Tuesday for the past six weeks. We got rained out one of the nights so we have one more class to make up for that.

Agility for dogs is like an obstacle course with jumps, a teeter totter, a hanging breakaway tire (one that breaks apart if they don’t jump correctly), weave poles, and a tunnel. 

When we first started Bronn was distracted by the other dogs at the beginning of every class. The other two dogs are quite a bit younger than him too, so they wanted to see each other for a bit because they are still learning to socialize. Now they still have to say “hi” but they will get right into their course within 2’or three sniffs and licks.

Bronn is a Velcro dog. He sticks by me a lot. When we go on hikes he even runs ahead for some sniffs, and then runs right back to make sure I’m still coming. It makes it hard to do tricks and things with him though because he won’t stay, he thinks he should just be with me at all times. He stays at home and in the car when he’s asked, but when he can follow me, he will.

We’re working on it. It’s something we need to continue to work on though. Trying to figure out how it’s okay for me to leave him, and him realize that I will be coming back. We’ll keep at it.

Anyways, it’s pretty awesome. Bronn and I can run though course, he will go through everything, jump over the poles without knocking anything over, and he doesn’t get distracted. It’s so much fun!! I’m a proud dog Mom!!


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