Eurotrip Memories

Here are just a few things that have randomly popped into my head about my trip that I feel like I forgot to share while doing my blog posts:

One thing I forgot to mention is the Contiki basement. It was where we had our first meeting. It was kind of a rec room, reminded me of something like the Boys and Girls Club where teens can go to stay out of trouble. There was lots of seating, books to borrow to read on the bus and even a pool table. It was a great atmosphere to meet everyone, very welcoming.

In St. Goar after our wine tasting we hung out in the pub of the quaint little hotel. There was this photo there of a past Contiki tour that somehow did like 400 shots or something and we were all trying to figure out how that was possible as it would have been like at least 20 shots each or something. We never did figure it out, and we weren’t interested in trying.

When we were in Hopfgarten, Austria, we were just touring around and we went into a Catholic Church. There were only a few people sitting at the front but we had an nice little moment of silence for an Easter Prayer or some reflection on where we were. It was so beautiful, the paintings and the displays they had. Even the confessional booths were painted nicely. It felt neat to be doing our Good Friday church thing…even though there was no mass. 

Austria was also great because we met Contiki extended family, and got to see what some of the crazier Contiki people are like! It was more of us getting to know each other that night than to explore the town. The weather wasn’t nice there, and it was a small place, so it was nice to just play games with each other and have some drinks. A bunch of us girls got into dancing too!! That was the night I went around and got everyone’s full names and a fun fact about each of them! We also made our “Sound of Music” hill twirling videos that day!

It’s funny how when you go on a trip now, there are always guys out on the streets trying to peddal souveniers. It seems like they are always the same type of guy too…pushy and giving off almost sleezy vibes. If you didn’t know who they were you could get hussled pretty bad. There were guys in all those places who would walk up and tie a bracelet on someone then ask for payment!! Rude!!

Next time I go on a big trip I will take echinacea with me, and vitamin C tablets, and my ItWorks greens now that I have them. I’ve looked at other people’s photos and I missed out on a few things, like the cruise on Lake Lucern in Switzerland. I was too sick to go enjoy it. Plus, visiting Anne would have been a lot better and a lot longer of a visit. I think I will plan to go back to Paris just to visit her, and then go to London for a bit to tour there because I barely saw anything there.

Those are just some things I was randomly thinking about from my trip, and had to get it captured somewhere!!


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