5KM Foam Fest 2017

On June 16th my Mom, her coworkers Kandee, my Aunty Tammy and I piled into my Mom’s truck and headed for Sunpeaks. It was a nice evening and the construction traffic wasn’t too bad. We stopped in 100 Mile House to pick up Nicole and get some snacks from 7/11. Then away we went, laughing all the way ha ha ha!

We got to Sunpeaks at about 8pm and pulled into the underground parking lot, and Judy was right behind us! We parked, unloaded, headed to our condo, chose our beds and started our appy feast. We also had some drinks and struggled to figure out the stereo system. We never did figure out how to use the surround sound speakers and couldn’t get a USB to work. Thankfully we had CDs in Mom’s truck! That night we played a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity where new words were learned… should I share them on here? Well, yes, we learned about Smegma, shart and queef. Oh that game, it’s a blast!

Nicole and I stayed up the latest, being that we were the youngest. I read my book before bed too.

The next morning we got up pretty early, I’d say around 8:30am. I felt good but my stomach was upset. I started to cook breakfast and they had hose dumb stainless steel pans that everything sticks to. I really do not understand those things!! But we got breakfast made and it was delicious. We had breakfast sandwiches. 

Mom forgot to pack the cream and milk we bought so we were drinking this black coffee with stevia tablets and I had found some vanilla flavouring. Nicole came in and was asking if there was milk and we were telling her about the stevia and flavouring, then she said “I think I’ll just use coffee mate.” All of a sudden a couple of us jumped up to go get the coffee mate that we completely missed. It was hilarious!!

I had a nap after breakfast. When I got up my stomach was upset. We got our fun outfits on and headed into the village. There was lots going on! We got ourselves registered and then stood in the line to wait for our run to begin. When we got let into the foam enterance we were at the front of the line so we stood 6 across. It was kind of overwhelming because then we had to run to avoid getting trampled. Last year we were more in the middle.

Running up the hill was not good on my tummy!! It took a while for the nausea to subside. It was okay though, I took it slow. We all did. It’s not a race, it’s a fun run!!

The obstacles seemed to be farther apart at the beginning this year, and then they were closer together at the end. I suppose that is just the way they need to lay it out being that it is on a ski hill. There was a couple different ones this year too, I guess due to different sponsors. Also the snow had melted more so the mud ponds weren’t as deep or as long across than last year. The air was warmer too. 

All was going smoothly and we did a nice pace. Then we got to the super steep slide and there was a huge line up!! It took us at least half an hour to get to the slide, and then a minute to get down. Last year we just went up to it and did it and kept going. Not exactly sure what happened there. Must have been some kind of malfunction. 

It took us way longer to do the course this time and I feel like it was due to the delays. It also seemed like they had less photographers this time. There was no after party and no music in the streets. There was a farmers market happening on Sunday morning though, and live music then. 

It was blast over all though and we will most likely be doing it next year!!


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