Prompts and Challenges 

Sometimes it is so hard to think about something that you want to write about! I’ve been randomly using prompts from Pinterest, things from my day and life, or things I’ve chatted about with friends. I wanted to do this blog to get myself just writing more. I also have the books “642 Things to Write About” and “642 Tiny Things to Write About”. I was keeping the tiny one in my purse but now I’m training someone at work so we take our breaks together, I can’t concentrate on it. I hope to get some entries done this summer while camping with no cell phone service.

I feel like I am reaching a goal, since I have done quite a few blog posts this year alone. Now I need to make that goal bigger. A post a day, some form of writing each day, eventually a novel. One thing I was thinking of doing is to start the 30 day challenges, and do them as a blog post. Or even the journaling ones, and have a journal entry a day. I love writing, and I can be pretty good at it I think.

If anyone out there has ideas for prompts, ideas for posts, or has seen any good writing challenges, send them my way!! I’m doing fantastic with the reading challenges I do though. So that’s good!


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