Wildfires and Panic

Here we are in the middle of beautiful, mountainous, British Columbia in the third season. They say now a days we have winter, construction and fire season. It’s pretty bad this year. There are about 138 fires happening in the province, and we are surrounded. Lucky for us we are in the centre of Williams Lake, which is in kind of a valley, so it would take a lot to actually affect the city.

It is extremely smokey so we’ve been sitting inside. This is so not what I wanted to be doing this weekend! We had plans to go camping, sitting by the lake with no cell service and possibly roasting hot dogs over a campfire and making s’mores for dessert. We’ve now got a fire ban on, and that Lake we had planned to go to has been evacuated.

Yesterday, just at the end of the work day, panic ensued. Two of my coworkers had to take off in a rush, one not even able to do her end of day cash out, because their homes were at risk. We’ve been keeping in contact with each other, and everyone is safe. Their animals are safe. They’ve got places to go. We might even all be back at work on Monday. We will find out tomorrow.

We currently have no cable, the internet is sporadic, and Facebook is full of rumours! I had to unfriend someone today. She made a comment that said basically that shit hit the fan, and she was mad at me for being upset at how vague her comment was! There are people who have been packing and there has been panic at the gas stations. We have a couple of gas stations that are out of gas. I think this is silly, because you should always keep your tank full! I rarely go below half a tank.

We packed up all our important documents into the fireproof safe, as well as all our USB’s and some backup discs…even though the laptop would come with us if we had to leave. For us in town the only threat is the thick smoke right now. We’ve got itchy eyes, sore throats, and have been sneezing,  but we will persevere! The dogs are staying inside as much as they can as well, and their fur is absorbing the smell.

I know things are worse for some of the people surrounding us, and our friends and some family have been displaced for a while, but I think so far we will all be okay. It is definitely scary and sad, but our trees have been sick and dying for a long time and nature will be sorting itself out for years! We will have new growth, and that is never a bad thing. 

This too will pass.


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