You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee

Last night the town where I live was offically put under evacuation order. Mom, Grandma and I have been staying with John, a long time friend of my parents, since Tuesday. We had decided to leave early because we were unable to work in Williams Lake. Mom started working here in Prince George. It was stressful.

However, I can’t imagine what it was like to be in the rush of the evacuation last night. I’m glad we left when we did!! From the photos I’ve seen through friends who left last night there was bumper to bumper traffic for hours. It took people 7 to 9 hours to do a 3 hour drive. Isn’t that unreal?

There are evacuation centres all over the province in the bigger centres. Today Mom and I went to register. It seems silly but we felt guilty using the aid when we didn’t need it yet and we were just on alert. It was interesting. The people there are well trained and quite organized. The wait wasn’t as long as people have been waiting, and there were people we knew that we chatted with while we were waiting. A ton of paperwork was filled out. We ended up getting grocery vouchers, a voucher for our billet to fill out and get some assistance for expenses, like ta of information and some red bands.

The red bands give us some access to things like the pools, discounts at some stores, and if you think about it, it makes us know who is here and reminds us we are in this together. BC Strong is the new motto.

We managed to stock up on groceries, and since we got some gift cards for the difference, we decided we’re going to save them all and give them to the food bank when this is all over. 

It’s amazing seeing how many people stepped up to help, how many RCMP and Fire Fighters there are from all over the place, how the communities have opened their arms for us, and the amount of donations spreading across the province. It’s pretty awesome!

The dogs are all finally starting to get used to each other, and there is less barking. Still a bitch fest once in a while, but that’s how dogs can get sometimes! They all want the attention!!

This is still a very surreal event for us though. You just never know what one day you will have to prepare for. Stay on the alert and keep living!


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