Just Thoughts

I want to keep writing. It's hard though because where I'm at we have no wifi and that makes it hard to use the blog site. Also, to write in my journal it's hard!! I've been working on keeping my journal to positive things (I hate when I write in it drunk!! It's never negative but it makes no sense) so I don't want to be weepy and emotional in my journal. So here I am with thoughts about what to do and such.

I'm kind of confused at this time as to who my real friends are. I know who my best friend is, and have been in great contact with my co-workers, and I have several friends and family who have checked on me in one way or another. However, there are one or two where I'm like…hmmm…so I need to definitely do a Facebook cleanse when I move on to my next step.

I wish I could have written down my dream last night!! I know it was complicated, intricate and very interesting!! It was like one of those fantasy movies set in the old times. I know it has to do with the fires going on around us and my book, and I'm sure it was set on Williams Lake. A lot of my dreams are set in this town that is half Williams Lake, BC and half Coleman, AB. Strange hey? Also do you ever have those ones where the house you're in is part of a few of the different houses you've ever lived in? That's so weird!!

I lost my train of thought, but isn't that fun? It's like when you get a letter from someone. Or even if you're in conversations with a few people because the topic just keeps changing. I wouldn't want to read a book like that though.

Okay, those are some of my thoughts, and I could probably just keep doing random thoughts, but I'm not on wifi and I just wanted to do a post. This is #70 on this blog I think!! Thanks for reading!! "You is smart, you is kind, you is important" (the Help) and also, I love you!!!


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