Road Tripping with Bronn

My dog is a pretty good traveller. The only thing about travelling with him in the summer time is that I have to go through drive-thrus, stop at rest stops, and use pay-at-the-pump because it is too hot to leave him in the car! We left this morning with a car load of our possessions to head to Lethbridge for our new chapter. We went to get our tires pumped up and the girl accidentally let him out of the car, good thing he got back in quickly.

I had to turn around and go back to Mom and Dad’s because I almost forgot his leash! That wouldn’t have been very good! Then we went through the A&W drive-thru for breakfast which made him super excited about the trip! They made it wrong though, they put ketchup instead of mayo. It was still tasty though!

We drove for an hour then stopped at the 108 rest stop. I like that one because there is a lot of space for him to stretch his legs. Plus I had to pee. Darn coffee!!He greeted some couples who pulled in with their 5th wheel trailers. Then we were on our way.

The air conditioning quit before we got to Kamloops. It was hot so we pulled over and took a little hike. I had four missed calls from the office I left on Friday… I called back and it was just some misplaced paperwork (not mine). Then did some texting updates of our trip and we see on our way!

My old boss called to apologize but also thank me for calling back. We were at the Arby’s drive-thru. Bronn was pretty happy about that too. After lunch we drove for a while, it felt like there was never going to be another rest stop and it was warm in the car. The air still circulates, it’s just not cold air coming in. We finally found one called Craig-something. There was a little gift shop there and I tried to tie Bronn up to go in and get water, but he made a fool of himself with panic. He could see me but he couldn’t get to me. I had to untie him and wait until the store emptied so we could both go in. Going to have to work on that!!

After that we finished our journey to Revelstoke. We got a bit lost and had to try two hotels before getting a less expensive, pet friendly room, but the car was way too hot to keep going. Hopefully tomorrow the air conditioner works better!

We went for a walk and found a pet store so we got some treats and a stuffy. Then ordered Chinese food, and now we’re just chilling. Hopefully we can get a good sleep tonight. There are other dogs in the hotel, and we are right next to the train tracks! We’re safe though!


Fall Into New Beginnings

Autumn is my favourite season. Maybe part of it is because my birthday is at the beginning of it, but I also like the colours. The browns, yellows and oranges. There are also amazing smells, like pumpkin pie, turkey, spices and cranberry too!

The fashion is cute too. The boots, scarves, and layered outfits. A lot of people get cute new hair styles for school, new clothes, and school supplies. It just seems like a time for new beginnings, which is funny because for the trees and animals it’s the end of the season as they prepare for winter. Leaves falling and bears going for a long winter nap.

That’s why I am so excited to be starting over again at this time of the year. It’s pretty perfect for me. It seems like things are falling into place nicely so far, like it was meant to be. I am sure there will be a struggle here and a bump there, but I really feel like I am doing the right thing!

Cheers! To new beginnings!

What If

What if you just woke up early.

Or, you never fell asleep.

What if right now was your dreams,

If you are awake, this is your reality.

What if when you were awake it was your dreams,

And when you are asleep is your reality.

How then, would you know what is real,

How would you know what is fake?

How do you know now?


We all have someone who does it. I didn’t even know there was a word for it. A lot of them come out when someone becomes a new Mom, or new parents. Sometimes it’s your Mother-In-Law, sometimes it’s a friend who likes to be in control, sometimes it’s you and you don’t even realize it because you know you have great advice!

A kibitzer is a person who gives uninvited or unwanted advice. It happens all the time! Sometimes the advice is asked for, but it turns out it’s advice that wasn’t wanted! Pretty cool that there is a word. Now if you find it happening you can tell the advice giver “stop being such a kibitzer!” And roll your eyes and move on with your day!

Unexpected Event

It was Friday and we had planned to go camping. The night before we went grocery shopping for our weekend meals, we packed up the trailer and Dad towed it out to the lake the next morning while we were at work. There was a storm in the forecast but we didn’t think much of it.

At Noon that Friday a fire ban was put on in our area. I was bummed because I didn’t get to go to the family reunion and therefore missed all the camping. I was looking forward to a wiener roast!! Who knew that was only the beginning? We had plans for kayaking and going for walks with the dogs, laying out and getting a suntan. Normal summer stuff!! In fact I had just made myself a “summer bucket list” in my journal to make the best of it!

There were many lightning strikes that day, and many fires were started. At about 3:30 one co-worker got a phone call from a panicked neighbour who could see the flames from their house. She had to cash out and rush home to get her animals under control and ready to leave just in case. At 4pm another co-worker got a call from her husband telling her to get home now so they could pack up the kids because the fire was across the highway from their home. We could see the smoke billowing over the mountain from our office. It was ugly! It was a weird feeling, but to be honest, not something new. There is always a forest fire someone during the summer.

What we didn’t know was how bad it was going to get. By that Monday two co-workers had been evacuated from their homes, and one was with her husband helping people get sorted in a small town outside of ours so she was unreachable by phone. I was the only one available left to go in the office Monday morning. I had to go in and put up signs and change the outgoing message on the phone. There was a lot of smoke.

Then the next couple of days was sitting around, waiting. Then we were put on evacuation alert. Who would have thought that would happen to a community like ours?

We left and went to a bigger city. It was weird, going into an evacuation centre and seeing the gym lined up with cots where people were sleeping. People standing in endless line ups for assistance, for the bathrooms, for toiletries even. I never thought I would see something like that!

It was a long three weeks away from home, and then when we got to go home it took another three weeks for things to get back to something resembling normal. It’s still very smokey outside, the ashes are sticking to the car window and I don’t want to wash it yet because it’s not done. There are still people unable to go home…and we finally had a big rain like 5 weeks after everything started.

It was definitely unexpected.

Forward Ho!

I'm finally making the change in my life so I can get out of my rut! It's kind of scary but also very exciting. I haven't found a job yet, but I found a place to live with some new roommates! I'm excited to meet them! They're a bit younger than me, but I think that will suit Bronn and I for now.

I've started packing, I downsized so much stuff!! I figured that since most of the stuff has been packed away in totes and I've barely used it, I can get rid of a lot. Now it's keepsakes pretty much, and dishes. I haven't found where my dishes are yet though. They're probably under the stairs. I don't need to go through that until I've made some space with other stuff. Today I packed up my books and started packing my DVDs. Not a whole lot left.

I've been telling people that I'm leaving and trying to get together with my friends before I go. Everyone is too busy. Life keeps showing me subtle reminders that I am leaving and I am only going to miss my family. There was the fire and the poor side of humanity that I saw from my fellow residents. Then I go to work and I can see how much they need me, and I have like a week and a half left and everyone is still asking me questions and I want to tell them they should troubleshoot between themselves now. Then, I tried to get a bunch of my girlfriends together but everyone is too busy. It's frustrating!!

So now I feel like I am making the right choice by moving closer to friends, and some family, and that's exciting!! Hopefully things go in the right direction and I can move forward with life!!

Funny Things People Have Said to Me Lately

A pastafarian came into the office, I actually think he was trying to convert me, he said they accept all kinds of people. They wear pasta strainers on their heads and every Friday is pasta and beer night. His shirt said "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I've been touched by his noodly appendage."

An elderly gentleman asked me how I was doing and I said not too bad. He said "Isn't it hard being a sex symbol? There's just so few of us now a days!"

On POF I was asked if I would date someone who is well endowed. I just laughed.

Online dating I try to give everyone a chance to talk to me, unless they say something gross, because I believe everyone should be treated fairly until I get to know them a bit. My biggest pet peeve is spelling and grammar though. Maybe I'm too well read. So this guy is talking to me, but when he explaining where something is and asking where something is he keeps typing "ware." Finally I said to him "I'm sorry but you have very bad spelling" and he replied with "lol why are you the spelling notzy?" That was the end for me!

I work in a small office with 5 of us and our manager. One of the girls is in another office helping and our auxiliary person isn't there for full days. There was three of us working and one girl was on lunch and an older woma came up to me while I was in the middle of a transaction and asked me if I could get some more people from the back to help with the line up. I wish I said I'm sorry we don't have any in stock.

My niece was telling my Mom that if she moved away from Grandpa she could have more kids. My mom said she already has kids. Then my niece said that she didn't want to have kids because they mess up your car!

Wild Horses

It was a crazy night when we went for a drive down the back roads in your flatbed truck. We were talking and laughing with the music cranked high. Who would have thought we'd get stuck in a foot of red muck that spring night! We were 100 miles from town, what would we do?

I could hear the train whistle as the rain started to pour down like bullets on the roof. But where else would I rather be than with you. Wild horses couldn't drag me away.

My Personal Commandments

Thou shalt show kindness to everyone without judgement until thou hast gotten to know them.

Thou shall read many books and share them with others.

Thou shall dance as often as possible, and sing along to the radio.

Thou shall work hard and put the best of yourself out there.

Thou shall write, and work towards making a novel.

Thou shall respect friends and send them lots of snail mail.

Thou shall love thy family.

Thou shall love thy pets.

Thou shall not want what thou cannot provide for thy self, and thou shall work towards what thou wants.

Thou shall take vitamins and greens to stay healthy.

Ships in the Night

It was a brief encounter, and everything was copacetic or so it seemed. The moments were perfect, and it seemed there could be more. A friendship, perhaps a lover.

It was fun, though not much was exchanged. A memory, some practice on putting one's self out there after being cooped up inside for a while. Something.

Turns out we were just ships in the night, passing by, blissfully avoiding a shipwreck.