Festival of All Things Art

Arrived last night in Barkerville to meet up with some friends I haven't spent much time with lately. They've rented out a bed and breakfast in Barkerville called The Kelly House. It is old fashioned, very authentic, as is all things in this old mining town. They only have bathtubs, no shower. No TV, sporadic wifi. It's pretty relaxing!

Last night we drove in an old motor home to Wells. We saw some pretty good acts! One called High Society and one called Brasstronauts. Did some dancing. Saw some wild costumes.

This morning the woman who runs the B&B came and made us breakfast. Crustless quiches, whole wheat pancakes and a fruit salad mixed with yogurt and granola. It was amazing and it went a long way!

Then we did our trek into Wells again. We got warmed up by doing some dancing with Grandpa Groove, then did some yoga in the park, followed by the Kids Songwriting Camp performances. They were quite good!! To think they wrote the music and lyrics at their ages is just amazing!! Some of the lyrics were quite profound too. A couple girls also made up a new genre. It was like country space disco theatre or something like that!

Then we went over to a different venue where a man was playing. He was a storyteller. It was funny and catchy too! I really enjoyed that one. It was in the sunset theatre.

Afterwards Paola and I went to get a cooler with beer. Then when we came back everyone was in the Jack O Clubs pub listening to some music. That's what the rest of the day was like.

There are food trucks and vendors down the street. There is a small alley where people are painting small murals. There are people wearing costumes, men wearing tight leggings and skirts, and topless women here and there.

So far it's pretty interesting and it's only really day one!! I'm beat!!


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