This is probably going to sound weird because I am not quite sure how to explain it. For a while now when Bronn and I have been going for walks in the morning and the evening I’ve been feeling kind of creeped out when I am looking at the houses in the area. Sure I’ve been watching a lot of scary movies lately, but I couldn’t figure out the difference between here and Williams Lake. Believe it or not the streets seem so much brighter at night there.

Today I was looking a bit harder and I noticed that the street lights, while probably being the same size in Williams Lake because I’m sure there is a standard street light size in Canada, they are shorter. Actually, I think all the houses here are taller. The area I’m living in is new, like 5 years old probably. All the houses are townhouse style, duplexes pretty much. Every once in a while you see a single dwelling, but most have two homes per building at least. They are built taller and it feels like, to me, the light is below the tops of the homes so when you look at them you can see the dark black sky beyond. I also feel like the bulbs in the lamps are a brighter white, while in Williams Lake they seemed more of an orange. Or that’s my imagination. It makes me feel like I am on the set of a movie!


6 word stories

The fires just kept coming.

He loved her but she left.

Mountains are tall, men are small.

Friday can’t come any faster now.

Why are all the bluebirds singing?

Did you know about the mummy?

Can’t we all just get along?

Flower smell sweeter than your perfume.

If ever there was more time.

When the dinosaurs lived we didn’t.


I think I’ve got writers block again. Maybe I’m just not quite settled in to my new situation. I’ve got a few great routines. In the morning Bronn and I go for a walk first thing, then when we get back I have coffee and he has breakfast, then I get dressed and have breakfast, then Bronn get his treat and I head to work. When I get home we go for a walk, I make my lunch while I am making my supper, and we are usually in bed by 9:30pm to read for a while. I’m out of bed by 6:15am.

It’s crazy how fast the day goes! Plus, I’ve been trying to hang out with my friends and my brother and his family. It seems busy and the next thing you know you sit back and realize you haven’t written anything lately, and what to write?? I’m too tired to write most of the time too. My brain is exhausted!!

How do i overcome this?

New Life

Well, it has been crazy busy for me the last little while and I have not made time to write. I wanted to write a novel in this November writing challenge but I haven’t even had a moment to collect my thoughts!!

I am loving the leap that I made! My job is great! It felt like it was meant to be, I only had one interview offer and I got the job. I also found a place to live with some pretty cool roommates! I’m enjoying it here for sure!!

It’s nice to be around friends again who want to hang out and we’ve done some really fun things around town! I really need to get on track for writing though, so there might be a few more random posts coming up here and there!! I’m still here though!!


So this month I decided to watch a horror movie every day (that I can, because obviously some nights get busier than others). There are 31 days in October…and I know that I will be skipping Thanksgiving weekend since I will be with my family and they don’t like scary movies…unless I can talk them into one! Or we watch Casper or Hocus Pocus or something family friendly. I have a few movies picked out…but basically this post is for recommendations!!

So far I watched The Bye Bye Man, and they Day before (which wasn’t October, haha) I watched Satanic which are both on Netflix and I didn’t find them very scary, although Satanic had a twist for sure.

I borrowed three from the library, tonight I plan to watch Life with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. I also got 30 Days of Night which I surprisingly haven’t seen yet, and one called The Moth Diaries.

I have a few in my collection that I plan to watch like The Village, Dead and Breakfast, Cursed, Bram Stokers Dracula and probably the Ghostbusters movies. Maybe even the Scream movies.

That doesn’t take up a whole month though, so I am looking for recommendations!! What is a scary movie that you enjoyed, or like to watch around Halloween?