Sign of the Times

When I was little I was always afraid of “the end of the world” and my Mom always assured me that it would not happen in my life time. She said until there is peace on Earth it will forever be a world without end…or something along those lines. It made me feel less stressed and anxious. I was a very anxious child.

Lately, after last summer with the fires that consumed so many towns we all ran for our lives, and now the seemingly endless winter…I’m starting to wonder if we are getting closer to the end. We’ve been having a rise in the American school shootings and seems to be more deaths. Is there just more deaths because there are more people? Or is there something bigger going on?

I ran across a conspiracy about the Malaysian flight that went missing and the aliens (I like to think of them as the lizard people because of something my Sister-In-Law said her friend talked about), how I heard something about a prediction of Trump being the last president and of Stephen Hawking saying something about the end. I’m thinking about it more.

Can the world really end?

There’s constantly the end of the world “as we know it” because things are always changing. Sometimes to the point where we’re wondering how the heck we’re still surviving (TidePod challenge anyone?)

But can it really END end? I guess, at some point, the world ends for each of us as we journey on to whatever is next…but will there ever be a time where it ends so completely that it doesn’t keep going when we’re gone?


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