Off Schedule: Bronn’s Wednesday

Mama-Human came home late today because she got groceries. I was very excited to see her, and to poke my nose in all the bags, but I just really had to pee. Thank goodness for the garbage bin, I didn’t have to search too hard to find a good spot to mark. It’s our garbage bin. In the morning, I’ll help Mama-Human bring it to the curb for that loud truck to get. Maybe I’ll bark at it.

It turned out, after poking through the bags, there was a new squeak toy for me under some new towels I’ll lay on later. The first order of business was to get the “duck” like squeak out of it. I can’t believe they think it sounds like a real duck! Also, why does a hedgehog also sound “duck” like? When Mama-Human is at work, I might have to go on the internet to find out what hedgehogs really sound like. I’m very suspicious.

I carefully made an incision with my teeth down one side of the hedgehog and removed some stuffing on the couch, then took out the squeaking contraption. All of a sudden I smelled something delicious from the kitchen so I dropped my new toy in the hallway and went to check it out. Mama-Human had something in a brown paper bag that she was going to eat, and the Human-Who-Lives-Upstairs (Mama-Human calls her Ni-kohl) was making some kind of squash and she took it out to check. I like squash. One time I tasted the different kinds in Grandpa-Human’s garden, his eyebrows pointed down at me so I don’t think he liked that. The next thing I knew there was a fence around the squashes.

Mama-Human let me have a French fry. I didn’t get a whole lot of droppings, and I was hungry so I ate my dinner. Then downstairs cat-loving Human (Kae-tee) came upstairs with her man-Human. He gave me some pets. I put my bum against his leg to let him know I was enjoying it. Who doesn’t love a head and ear massage?

I then supervised Mama-Human as she packed a bag of food that she will take with her tomorrow when she leaves the house for “work”. There were no droppings but I checked to make sure I didn’t miss anything around the floor area.

Now I’m just chewing on my new toy, getting my teeth clean and relaxing. When Mama-Human is done her hot drink she’ll take me for a walk. We didn’t go for one when she got home because there was a lot going on. I’m excited to sniff around and find out what all the other dogs in the neighbourhood did today!


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