Bird Box and Mental Health (possible spoilers)

I saw earlier that there is now a debate about mental health from the Netflix movie Bird Box. Isn’t it funny how a movie can spark an intense debate now a days?

I watched the movie last night. It was quite intense, and an interesting story. It reminded me of the movie The Happening. All of a sudden people are acting on suicidal impulses, and in Bird Box it is because of something they see. It’s very vague on what exactly that is though.

The debate comes when the only people who can look at the mysterious entities are those who have been in a mental institution. Those people start going around forcing other people to look. It drives the sane people into doing horrible things to make the vision stop. It’s “crazy!”

Maybe, the story isn’t downplaying mental illness as something that we shouldn’t have. Maybe it is just showing how much more important it is for us to see this disease in others and figure out what we can do to actually help them. It shows that mental health issues are in the brain, in many different spots and affecting people in different ways. It shows how backwards it can make a person feel and act.

In this movie, normal people were seeing horrible things and those with mental illnesses were seeing something beautiful.

It’s also based on a book, which is the same thing as 13 Reasons Why. Maybe we should stop getting in a huff about things Netflix does, and pick up a book or two and really get in to the story! Also, I think bringing up mental illness and making people talk about it is a good thing!



I’ve created a few resolutions for myself. Most of them are built on things I’ve been wanting to work on for a long time, or I’ve been trying to work on but don’t seem to be successful because maybe the timing isn’t right.

Some people say they don’t make resolutions. I have the feeling that everyone makes them, they just don’t always put a label on them. Maybe they make a silent pact with themselves so no one can hold them accountable. It makes it harder to achieve goals when people are watching, you put a lot more pressure on yourself that way.

Also, some people say they want to do something, and it’s more of a goal then a resolution, but in a way they are kind of the same thing.

That’s what I was thinking about when I was making my resolutions. I want to continue avoiding alcohol, write more, and eat out less. I also want to stop using my credit cards and pay them off so I can use them for things like going on a trip. It might be harder to pay off the credit cards, and it might still be on my list for next year. You just never know, but we also can’t be too hard on ourselves if we don’t complete our resolves. Always be a work in progress!

My Journey Through Journaling

I found this book in Value Village. It caught my eye as I was walking by, so I picked it up. Occasionally I find that happens to me with a book that I need in my life. I decided to take it home and give it a try.

As in the book, the author says you can do it in any order. At first I thought I was going to go from 1 to 55, but I don’t think it fit my life that way. I started with #1, but then I jumped around all over the place! I started on October 10 and finished on December 19.

It has great tools! A lot dig deep into things that have happened in your past and some are just fun little lists and things.

Here are my favourite prompts:

  • The Morning Dump – Just Get it all out before you start your day
  • The Daily Feeling Action List – say how you want to feel that day, then put a plan in action on how to achieve that feeling
  • The Joy Jar – write down things that brought you joy on any day, put it in the jar, choose a date in the future to go through the jar and remember the feelings
  • Texts From Yourself – set a reminder on your phone that says “hey, how are you feeling?” And stop to answer that reminder in your journal
  • The Monthly Manifesto – This one is like making lists of all the things in the coming month you want to do and look forward to, and important dates
  • The Emotional Purge – Write down what is bothering you the most, year it out and burn it, take a deep breath and let it go…the universe can handle it from there

It was really a good journey!! I can’t wait to pass it on to someone who needs the journey too!!

Hello Fresh

I got my first Hello Fresh box yesterday. To be completely honest, it will probably be my only box. It was a free trial from a friend, but if I were to subscribe it’s more than I personally spend on groceries in a two week period. I’m a single lady. They don’t make boxes for one!

It’s really cool though!! You get this box with paper bags (I chose the three meals) and then vacuum sealed protein (mine was steak, chicken and pork) and the are labelled with a meal. Tonight I chose the Pan-seared Steak Au Jus.

It’s neat how it’s packaged, so I spread it out and got a before picture. There is a step-by-step recipe card to follow.

They put more dill and more mayonnaise than needed, but those can be used later. I was confused as to how to measure the dill, how do you know when your little pile equals two tablespoons? I felt like a gourmet chef!!

Most of it was straight forward and easy. Actually, everything went smoothly until I went to take the steak out of the oven and it set off the smoke detector!! It wasn’t burned, I think the steak just spit and hit the bottom of the oven. It was loud!!

Other than that, it was quit fun. I have to admit, it took me longer than 30 minutes though! I get distracted…



I can’t think! Do you ever get so overwhelmed that your brain just can’t focus on what it should be focusing on? That’s where I am right now and I really need a day off! Thank goodness Christmas is coming!!

I might have too many balls in the air now. I’ve got two home based businesses, but I’m only feeling successful with one of them. I have a book club online, and I’m part of a social club. Those are pretty easy to be a part of, but with the two business that makes it hard to focus.

Plus, the day job has been super busy right now with final exams. It’s been extremely stressful!! I almost cried so many times today!!

I think the New Year will be a time for me to sort some priorities out!!

I Binge Drink

The relationship that I have with alcohol is starting to feel like an abusive relationship. I have lost the ability to have “just one.” There is no more point between drinking a couple to get a relaxing buzz and being drunk. The next day when I wake up I realize have had drank the full 8-pack I bought, or two bottles of wine. I feel super guilty.

I’ve tried to stop drinking completely but I always relapse. It makes me feel depressed. I don’t get sick either, I just feel gross. It’s dangerous! Alcohol is killing more Canadian women these days and I am scared!! I have thought the same thing I thought when I had an abusive boyfriend. If I stay in this situation, I could die.

I am seeking help. I’ve realized this is an issue. While I may not be an alcoholic, I am definitely not drinking responsibly either. Today I went to the doctor and she confirmed my feelings. Alcohol is a silent killer. It’s not something we should be putting in our bodies, but in moderation it’s not bad. She has given me a lot of suggestions on things I can do to reduce drinking in my life. I am hopefully I can overcome this condition.

Christmas Traditions

We have a few Christmas traditions in our family. We often open one gift on Christmas Eve, we have had the same breakfast Christmas morning for years, and we always have turkey!

The Christmas breakfast is a wife-saver type thing. It’s made the night before with leftover ham, eggs, cheese, bread and milk. It’s yummy!!

We don’t watch a particular Christmas movie or anything like that. We tend to just watch whichever one is on.

I’m curious about other Christmas traditions.

There are so many fun ones out there!!

I can’t wait to have my own family and start fun traditions!!

15 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. I don’t like using Saran Wrap! It always frustrates me. It never tears properly and it doesn’t really stick how you need it, and sometimes it crumples up before you can get it to the dish you need to cover. So annoying!!
  2. I loving cutting up magazines for the quotes and articles. I also collect the music playlists and sometimes recipes. It’s soothing to go through and look for things to clip out. I often paste them in my journal or letters!
  3. When I was looking for a dog, I found that this couple was selling their beagle/corgi crosses. It felt like a sign to get one of them because they were born on my birthday! I chose Bronn because he was photo bombing a lot of the photos.
  4. Often when I am feeling anxious I check my pulse on my neck.
  5. I can’t stop buying books when they’re on sale! I have so many books, most of them unread!! I’ve started reading them though and haven’t bought many for a while, but I’ve always loved libraries and I have my own now!
  6. I love sharing and giving people things! I started a sharing group on Facebook where I can post things about the products I sell, but I also post random things like happy music, positive affirmations, wellness information, and my friends share things too like recipes. It’s awesome!!
  7. I don’t like candy anymore! Weird hey?
  8. I love making CDs! I have so many playlists that I’ve made like dreams, colours, days of the week, and happy CD lists!! I find it super fun to make CDs and playlists.
  9. I still write letters to my friends. Especially my cousin Kristine, we write back and forth, it’s fun! I think you can say a lot of stuff in a letter that you might have forgotten to say on the phone!!
  10. I often just play reruns of shows on Netflix instead of choosing something new. Life in Pieces, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother are the go to shows for me. Kind of something that can just be on and not take much focus, and they make me laugh!!
  11. I have trouble making little decisions, like what kind of chips to buy or what I want to watch on TV. Sometimes even which book to read. Sometimes I hold them up for Bronn and choose the one he sniffs the longest!!
  12. I’m addicted to baths! I have at least two a week. They’re just so relaxing and my skin is way softer.
  13. I love horror movies and shows, but only supernatural type ones. I do like slashers too but I don’t much like the psychological stuff. I feel so disturbed after those!
  14. I made a Pinterest board of things I’ve actually tried! I love trying new things!
  15. I love writing!

Being Happy

Is there an actual formula to being happy? Probably not! I think I’m doing okay with it, but man do I ever have some anxiety!!

Here’s my latest one. What if my legs just stop working? They’ve been feeling weird. Actually I think my calves just have to be really stretched, but my brain keeps thinking that they’re just going to go numb and I’m going to fall over. My anxiety is stupid. I just got over a stomach bug and so I haven’t been eating well. My body is like, dude, fix that!! That’s what brings my anxiety out in some weird way. In a week it’ll be back to normal and if not I’ll go to the doctor.

Anyways, even with anxiety I think I’m doing great!! I think happiness is different for everyone, I once googled what does happiness mean and someone actually gathered responses from people all over the world. Most people relate happiness to safety and security, which makes sense because that’s what most people had in their childhood.

Adult lift is hard! We have to make our own safety and security, we have to work and we have to keep ourselves healthy. It’s a lot when you think about it, especially if you’ve got kids to take care of! That’s when we have to make our own happiness!!

I had a rough spot in my day, but then I got a great idea when I got home for something to write about. I wrote for over an hour straight, then I fed myself and called it quits. I’m now listening to music in my comfy chair with my dog. That’s happiness! Especially when the music is random and a lot of it is super upbeat. In fact, I started a list in my phone of the happiest songs!!

Best Books I’ve Read This Year!!

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

I thought this book was amazing! It just got me so inspired. Rachel writes about lies she believed about herself and then explains ways she realized they were lies and how she overcame them. It’s very relatable, especially to young working Moms.

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey has a great sense of humor! He’s also a very religious man. He gives a lot of advice to single women in this book, and he does it straight to the point. Which is what women need!

Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

A remarkable true story of a dog finding a man while he was on a marathon run in the Gobi Desert. Then, the journey of bringing him home to be his lifetime pal! It’s beautiful!! You just never know where and how you’ll find love!

The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love by Jill Conner Browne

A humorous book of southern ladies and their crazy antics. Also a lot of good advice about love, friendship, being silly and having fun! I had a lot of laughs during this book!!

There Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

A true story of a man discovering how hard it is for kids to get education in parts of the world and his journey to give them schools. I was quite engrossed in this book even though I don’t like true stories that much. Heartwarming! It’s admirable when someone finds a goal and pursues it, to help others!

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

This is a fiction book that deals with a story that happened in the holocaust and a family member years later learning about what happened to her Grandmother. There is also a fictional story that the young girl was writing during the holocaust to get away from those terrors that is so good! Just keeps you turning the pages!

The Creepers by David Morrell

This was a page turner. A group of people starts to explore an old abandoned hotel and they run into a few different exciting twists and turns. I felt like I was with them in the abandoned hotel while I was reading this one!