Christmas Movies

Wow, how can someone pick a favourite Christmas movie? There are a few that I love and watch year after year!!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – something about the random things that happen, makes me laugh! I actually bought it at a sale at the library so now I can watch it every year without fail!

White Christmas – this one is a classic! The fact that they actually sing, and the romance. It’s so sweet!

Meet Me In St Louis – more singing! I don’t get to watch this one every year, but it’s still super good!!

I also love watching all the different made for TV movies and Hallmark ones. They’re always so cute! Like the one where the girl hits her head and ends up in the snow globe. Or the one where the person goes back in time for a second chance. There’s so many!! I just love Christmas movies!!!


Finals Week

Every college and university student dreads these two (sometimes three if they do a full year) weeks. Final exams. That’s what is happening at my work right now.

I am an invigilator, my title is Service Specialist II, but what we do is administer exams. If you’ve read previous posts, or know me, you sort of know what I do. Today was crazy busy! It was extremely challenging. I even gave one guy his final exam and he was supposed to be doing the one right before it! I emailed the instructor to let her know he had it for less than a minute. Man, did I ever feel stupid!!

I also had to fix some exams I signed in because I didn’t do it in a smart way. They sent a whole bunch of exams from another college in one email, and I didn’t think to separate them by student. I did ask for feedback from my two co-workers but they’re quite busy with their own things too that they probably didn’t think about it too hard. It’s okay though because it’s sorted and ready for the busier days coming up. Tomorrow might be the busiest year until April.

It’s funny how exhausted you can be when you have to use your brain and your body at work. Especially when most weeks you have downtime here and there!! I’m the kind of person who thrives in busy times though. I consider myself to be quite organized. Which is challenging when you are working with someone who gets scattered. My two co-workers are pretty good though because they have been doing the job for a long time. One is scattered, which frustrates me a little bit because she can get kind of snappy when I try to help, and often isn’t listening because she’s thinking too far ahead. We get by though and we all leave Work happy and come to work happy the next day. I like my job, but boy was it ever challenging today!! Better rest up good for tomorrow!!


I laugh a lot! I think everyone should. Recently I was reading an article at work and it said that you should laugh for at least 10 minutes a day. I’m not sure if that meant straight, or throughout the day. Sometimes it’s just a chuckle, sometimes you’re laughing so hard that you’re crying and your stomach muscles are clenched!

I laugh with my co-workers quite a few times a day. Often when we’re tired we’ll all get the giggles, or something random we’ll come up and we’ll have a couple chuckles. Even sometimes with the students. There were also a couple instructors that came in during the last week and had us cracking up! One has a beard and is on his way to Miami, but he said he shaved everything else! One had us roaring in laughter with his impression of The Mamas and The Papas. It’s a good place to be!

I laugh with my friends and my family. Bronn makes me laugh. Lately I’ve watched a few movies where parts had me laughing to tears! If you’re wondering, The Night Before, Seth Rogan’s inner monologue….I recommend you check it out!

Laughter is the best medicine!!

Songs for the Christmas Spirit

Wow, which song gets me into the Christmas Spirit? There are so many to choose from, and new ones keep getting made every year!!

“It’s A Marshmallow World” makes me feel better about when there’s a lot of snow, even when it comes in October. It’s so positive and just makes you want to play in it!

“My Only Wish This Year” – the Britney Spears one – it usually speaks to me because I’ve been single for a long time, and it’s pretty catchy. It’s been around for quite a long time now, too!

I like hearing the Nutcracker songs too, but there was a business I used to have to call at my old job and it played while you were on hold. I feel like it was a combination if that and Swan Lake all year long!! I love the Nutcracker movie/play though!!

I also like “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” “Wonderful Christmastime” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” (especially when Judy Garland sings it on Meet Me in St Louis) but like I said, there are just so many to choose from!!


It’s hard answering the question “did you help anyone today and how?” because I’m always in a sort of customer based industry. Right now I am working at the college in testing services. I administer tests to students by handing them and accepting from them exams brought to us by their teachers that they missed or ones sent to us from other school or institutions when people are taking courses. It’s not necessarily the same kind of help as when I worked at Walmart, they’re not really customers, but it is helping the teachers too because they don’t have to stay after hours for one or two students.

I also help by answering inquiries by email or phone. That’s providing someone a Services if they have questions. So I think I helped a lot of people with their educational pursuits today.

I can’t think if I helped anyone in any other ways today. I may have held the door for some people or let someone into the lane during a busy traffic rush. I may have also smiled at someone who was having a bad day and brought up their spirits, or posted something uplifting on Facebook when someone was scrolling through negative posts all morning. Sometimes we could be helping out in ways we don’t even notice! Who did you help today?


I’m grateful for my friends!

Today I had the opportunity to meet a friend from high school. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other because we lived so far away, but now we’re closer. She went through on her way home from visiting her sister and a few friends. We sat at Starbucks and chatted for two hours, it felt like no time had passed at all!

Yesterday I went to a Christmas craft and trade show with my friend and her three boys. It was a lot of fun, lots to look at, and something different to do. I’m grateful that we live closer again and are able to spend time together, even if it’s not as often as we would like!

Worst Part

I don’t think there was a bad part of today, it’s the weekend after all!! I guess it was when I went to lay down and read in the afternoon and ended up falling asleep. I was cold and had a hard time warming up!! Then I had super weird dreams!! Oh well, could be worse!!

Best Part

I think the best part of my day is my walls with Bronn. We get up between 6:15am and 6:30am during the work week and the first thing we do (after I use the toilet) is go for a walk so he can use the earth as a toilet. I just enjoy the fresh air, and the fact that he always finds interesting things. He seems to often find himself something to eat. I tell you, people just toss things on the ground!!

After I get home from work and I’ve put my stuff down, we go for another walk. This is when I tend to check the mail, which he also seems to get really excited about. Makes you wonder what was happening where the mail came from, and what he’s picturing in his mind with the scents he’s getting from the paper. Lately we’ve been seeing out nemesis’s on this walk. A woman with two dogs who pull her and all the dogs bark. Bronn was off his leash one day and he ran up to them and since then we just don’t like each other. Probably because we’ve never been properly introduced.

In the evening before bed we go for our third walk of the day. Now matter how I’m feeling, Bronn always convinces me to go and I usually feel better. Possibly it helps me sleep. It’s just good!!

So yes, walking with Bronn is my favourite part(s) of the day. Probably his favourite part(s) too!!

Working Late

Tonight I have a different shift than normal again.  I am working 12pm-8pm.  It is very slow and I am bored!!  I tried to find things to keep myself occupied.  Last week when I worked this shift I made labels, but now I am stuck.  I asked for some more hanging files, but the woman in charge of supplies hasn’t had time to find me some, so I can’t finish that project.  I tried looking myself for them, but I have no idea where they could be.  It’s not something that is in a rush to be completed, but it would still be nice to have it done!

There are two students writing their exams right now.  My job is a proctor.  I give the students their test and monitor them while they are writing.  We have a TV we can watch them on, and windows into the room.  I don’t need to be in the room with them.  I write down the time they start and stop, how many pages I have given them, and if they are using a computer I put the computer number into our scheduling system in case we need to go back to check something later.

Some students write make-up exams they missed in class, some are from other colleges or institutions, and some have accommodations like extra time.  There are computer based exams and paper based.  It’s pretty interesting.  During the day it is busier.  My normal shift is from 7:45am-3:45pm.  I am only doing this shift because the girl who normally does it took a holiday.  I have yet to take a day off since I started this job.  I don’t know when I would want to book a holiday.

I do like this job better than the one I had before.  I liked that job too, there was other stuff going on that stressed me out.  There are still stresses and irritations here, but it is a lot better.  I don’t know if I would do this forever, nor what I would rather do, but it is good for now!!


Lately I’ve been feeling a little blahhh. Some things have upset my natural schedule, I had to work a later shift last Thursday and then again tomorrow, which makes me feel super tired when I work my normal early shift the following day. It also throws my sleeping pattern off a bit.

Something I really don’t like is when I don’t have to go to work right away. So I end up sleeping in as much as possible. I don’t know what it is, but I just find I can’t get the motivation to get things done before work. I like to get up and go to work, then use the energy I have at the end of the day to do a couple errands. I also like to get things done on the weekends.

I’m not much for changing in my schedules. I like that early shift!!

I’m not sure what is making me feel so blah. Hormones, a little too much sleep that one day, changes in schedule, or maybe I don’t get out enough. I’ve actually done some good things with my friends this past week though, so that helps. Maybe I’m waiting for something to happen. I’m not sure, maybe it’s the winter! Just blahhh!!